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Monday, June 6, 2011

Motivate & Chills with Kiddo:)

heee~~rentetan daripada jejak kasih from my batchmates & juniors , I was invited to become as facilitator for Motivational Talk especially for primary school kids. It was so so fun since I do like kids so much :) There are 8 slots , but unfortunately I just can join for 4 slots. Some of the slots , such as Tak Kenal Maka Tak Tahu, English For Fun, Science and Mathematic For Fun, and the last but not least Teknik Memori.

since they are still kids , I'm trying to motivate them by the way of educational games such as zig zag vocab and phone calls memory . Not to forget , also told them how to be good child to the parents and don't ever forget to pray for their parents :) 

 My friend , Hiedayah Muda and I , took play role as facilitator for group 6 or group bubuio. They named it according to the anime's show.The boy in red 's uniform , Khairul Naim , he is so fluent in English. I had conversation in English and well I can say, his level up to the form 3. I asked him, how he learns English, and he told by the way of songs . He really likes Chris Brown :)

The girl beside me named Aqilah. I really likes her eyes and boy who wears blue and songkok, named Syarifuddin Hussein. He wishes to be Ustaz for future. Amin :) The kiddo seems so ambitious . Rewind back the history when I was in primary school, I just know to be teacher but they have seen the world out of the boxes. Doctor, Accountant, Engineer, Lecturer and etc are the jobs which they wrote on the paper what u wanna be for the future :)

Take note on this people: 

Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum melainkan mereka mengubah nasibnya sendiri (13:11)

Allah did said you can't change the past , but you can destined your future :)

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