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Friday, August 27, 2010

it's time to smile:)

it was such great relieved after having two test which i cud say dat i'm not well prepared due to the lack of time.  i just want to forget the past and previous test and live with the present.trying to do the best for the next time.
even if i'm saying dat it such liitle bit regret but it won't change anything. let it gone .
curently, i'm quite busy with all the stuffs. assignment. Pbl. and etc.
i wish to go somewhere where i can have peace.
i'm happy to give my brains and body rest.
so, today , after discussion Pbl for sale of good act(soga), kak ada suggested to break the fast outside .
we chose Mines and having spagethi in Pizza Hut.
last night, i watch 3 idiots. Only one word i cud describe this movie. BEST!
i'm not interested in watching hindustan movie , but this movie totally diffrent from any hindustan movie .
it's all about friendship, learning and life.
meaning of friendship is someone who always behind u to support u in no matter what u'r .
friendship it is priceless gift that u won't be able to find it anywhere except in ur heart.
ur heart would see much better than ur eyes because ur heart feel the meaning of love between friends.

the three idiots & kareena kapor.

"best self-efficent , and the success will come behind u " by 3 idiots.


fareast said...

salam ziarah kembali, filem yang menarik ya.

budak kecik. said...

yup :D