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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One word

only one word that cud describe my life now
it's seem like u'r running out of time
u dun even have time to pamper yourself
u woke up at 430 am and u went to bed on 100pm
almost everyday
even u sleep ur mind still thinking what u shud do for tomorrow
and ur mind keep on going thinking unsolved problem
u feel so heartless
u feel so breathless
sometimes u wish to escape from all this
this is the 3th year life student of law's student
but only one thing that u make still stand
u have to be strong
u have beloved ones dat always stand behind u in no matter happen
your family. umi . abah. abang. ena. kak ya. kak ina. biah . adik mat.
they'r always on ur mind.
u wish time wud run so fast
so that u'r now in home . staying together with family.
having sahur & bukak pose all together
but it seems so far
yet, i have to be much stronger
be strong!!!
time will keep moving.
just be patient.
life doesn't promise dat it wud always easy and happy endings, but He did promise He will always be with u as long u want him to in no matter wut happen.

stop babling. salam ramadhan ke 6 .
semoga terus diberikan kekuatan .

i'm tired. can i just sleep ???
i miss my cats ^^