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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

50/50 and reality :)

Have you ever watch 50/50?when your friend diagnosed suffering cancer and u still stand up there being very supportive friend all da time. Even his wife dumped him for another guy and his father suffered alzehemier and the only mother who 'r too busy with her life. I wish to be like his friend stay positively and it end up, his friend survive and get well :)

In life we plan for our future, but yet Allah also has plan for us. We won't know what will be happened for future.The reality in the movie is kinda of  like my life now when someone close to yourself suffers pre-trial stages either tumour or cancer. U feel so so sad but you keep it inside because you know he is suffering .U have to be strong and positive so that, he won't get sad. U try  your best to cheer the moment of his life :)

In every my prayer, I do and always pray ,Oh Allah, please do protect him :)

Oh yeah! currently i'm on holiday for semester break. Just like usual, I don't have plan to go anywhere coz I do like something just like 'tiba-tiba' jah! Last planning,my batch- mate went to Farah and Ally Iskandar's wedding. Farah was my classmate when we'r in form four :) Their wedding become our spot for small gathering. Sorang -sorang nek pelamin, next who ? Just wait and see :) 

smoga berchenta hingga ke syurga :)

i reblog this quote from my tumblr :
Sesuatu yang belum halal disentuh oleh tangan, maka sentuhlah hatinya dengan doa :)

 sweet kan ? till we meet again:)

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eencyweency said...

kin ade kabo mu se batch nge farah ni..hehe