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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

walk to remember:)

Journey for this semester almost complete. Only 2 paper are unsettled. 
Only a words cud be described ! Alhamdulilah. !
For giving the strength, to walk along the way. 
The most hectic and heaven semester but having lots of fun. Life without weekend.
 Class on saturday and on sunday u have to struggle to finish up all the tutorials. 
Non stop working. U woke up  early in the dawn, and u stay up till the late.
 Even sometimes, u wish to quit and give up.
 But friends make u keep staying. did u ever heard this words ? 
"when life seems to give hundred reason for u to cry, 
it does show life has million reasons for you to keep smile ".
 Friends are everything and the most important the prayer from beloved umi and abah. 
The only lovers i would love forever. 
So, deary friends, dun ever give up.! Just stay strong till the end of time.
He did meantioned u,wutever happen keep strong,
 He would't test u somesting u can't bear. 
He will help u as long u want him to.
 Put your trust to Him and u'll gain much stronger.


*the memorable journey dis sem*

4 in the morning bak kate gwen stefani
equity follows the law
*credit to ira nadhirah. i curi bleh*

Fit Conqueror Pte Ltd
we conquer!
maher zain's showcase
save the soul!
* 1 tekad & terima kasih mengingatkannya*

soga sambil bersogo!

'Alihkan matamu ke laut, airnya cantik membiru dan penuh dengan ketenangan, 
tetapi hanya Allah sahaja tahu rahsia didalamnya.
Begitulah dengan kehidupan manusia, riang ketawa..
 tetapi hanya Allah yang tahu rahsia kehidupannya.
Jika kau kecewa, maka pandanglah sungai.
. airnya tetap mengalir biarpun berjuta batu menghalang.
Jika kau merasa sedih pandanglah ke langit,
 kau akan sedar bahawa Allah sentiasa bersamamu...'

*almost 91 days I had been missing u and will keep missing u*

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