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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let's rock the floor.

another cindarella story.
selena gomez & drew seeley.

having sufer duper fun watching out this movie even i'm not up to date person. seriously, it's nice to watch this movie. kata orang ini ceritera romantis dan ala-ala cindarella. dat's why the title was another cindarella story. Joey( andrew sleely ) seems to be so romantic and while they'r having conflict each other , he try to solve it. i would say dat, the most perfect moment while they were dancing in the party . They look perfect each other. Mary (selena gomez) looks like very cute girl. I wonder how people can dance like her. she 's so fantastic . classic . and both of them owned the floor . yeah!

it's sweet rite?

p/s: kalau dah kawin , nak ajak my husband dancing selalu :P


GhOsToNe said...

moral of d story..
kawen lew cepat!

n @ s said...

takde calon
tlng cri kat ak ! haha