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Friday, January 22, 2010

I didn't mean it !

i didn't mean it. it wasn't my intention at all. i noe, when u enter to the world debate, u wud not be able to quit again. it's such ectasacy dat u hve to take all the time.i do love debate but since i came to ukm, i didn't have passion toward on it anymore. i've lost my spirit. i do miss training in uitm . i miss abg zarul, abg bonat, abg bonzai, abg moon and etc. u r such a good brothers to me. even when we practice together, u get mad on me, u wud bable on me all the time, but i accepted it. the more u get mad on me, the more i wud try my best to perform. every words dat u said to me still in my mind. i never forget it. i'm still using the way of debate for my presentation coz i noe it works on me.


mood: i due noe how to face debater's from uitm tomorrow!  feeling such guity! but it wasn't my intention at all.it's all unitended. if i wud tell others 1001 reason, they might dun understand at all coz u r not in my shoes;(

karnival asasi & pre law di uitm kedah : team a & team b uitm shah alam

debat kapredza

update: congratz uitm's debaters esp abg hafizhood, abg zaidi, kak sharifah, & aifa! with big margin 5.2 . u make it to be winner! wish 2 c u again la8! miss u all!


Cerah Jeff said...

mung join debat loni nas?

Cik Aisha Nasiha said...

join! pringkat u r..
but then skrg dh not in the mood
for almost a year;)